Pirates of Silicon Valley (Summary)

9 09 2011

The Pirates of Silicon Valley tells the story about how Apple and Microsoft came to be today’s technological giants. At first, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak come up with the idea of creating computer that everyone, including ordinary people, could use. They name their company Apple. After they can’t come up with any ideas for their new project, they go to a big computer company, and steal their ideas in order for them to start developing their own. After some time, Apple became a big and successful computer manufacturer. Meanwhile, two other very talented men, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, trying to also start their own computer company (Microsoft), convinced Apple to partner up with them. What Steve Jobs didn’t know was that Bill Gates was only trying to steal Apple’s operating systems and computers for them to be able to tweak them a bit, and resell the products. Bill Gates, being a very good liar, always convinced Steve Jobs to believe that Microsoft’s only goal was to benefit and serve Apple. Lastly, the movie ends when Bill gates and his people finally get caught and banned from Apple. After 3 months of the release of the Macintosh by Apple, Steve Jobs is fired by John Sculley from his own company. 5 years later, Jobs returns to Apple after Sculley’s resignation and creates what we all know today as the iOS (the apple mobile operating system) which was included in extremely popular products like the iPod, the Ipod touch, and the iPad.




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